Nabil Mousa – Breaking the Chains

Nabil Mousa: Breaking the Chains is the first monograph about this provocative Syrian-American artist.  Mousa was born in the Islamic world, but grew up in a Christian home; he now resides and works in the United States.  The monograph investigates Mousa’s work over the past 20 years, which is rooted in both Islamic culture and current events in the U.S. and the Middle East. As an artist, he draws from a wellspring of inspiration based on his cultural heritage, as well as his commitment to justice and equality. His painting, sculptures, and prints reflect on multiple issues such as personal freedom, identity, beauty, fear, joy, traditions, religion, politics, and human rights.   Richly illustrated with over 100 full-page color plates accompanied by critical essays and an interview with the artist, this monograph is important documentation of Mousa’s practice.


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“Like a deftly but insistently Socratic teacher, Mousa poses questions that vigorously challenge the recipient to respond with concomitant passion.”

–Charles A. Riley II, PhD