An ongoing co-creative project by Nabil Mousa who invites the public to participate in a creative experience on two large ten foot high by fifty feet in length murals.  Judgement Day 911 endeavors to cut through the prejudices and misconceptions that continue to plague the post-9/11 world and challenge Americans of all ancestries, and people of all nationalities to open their hearts and their minds, and to come together, through this work, to share their experiences and emotions, to communicate, to listen, and hopefully to learn from one another.

"My intent with this piece is to invite the public to participate in a co-creative effort—to add their personal signature in a communal outpouring of raw truth, whether that truth be grief, anger, wisdom, ignorance, compassion or hope. By sharing our stories, our feelings, our beliefs—and by reading the stories, feelings, and beliefs of others—it is my hope we can foster a better understanding of our diverse cultures and promote a genuine healing."  - Nabil Mousa

You are encouraged to bring personal stories of triumph and struggles; images of family and friends who have been affected by 9/11 and it’s impact to share on the wall. Additionally, we welcome the refugee communities in and around the Atlanta area to share with us their stories of hardship and triumph.  We encourage you to bring in items such as photos, clothing, personal items that you can share on these walls.   We want to use this project as an avenue to tell your  personal story of immigrating to the United States.  This can take many forms; a written letter, personalized map, family photos,  etc…

You do not need to be an artist, we will help you to tell your story on the walls.

We welcome groups from Schools, Non-Profits, Corporations to participate in this project, please contact info@gallery874.com to make an appointment.

Gallery 874
874 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW. Atlanta, GA, 30318