2017 – Present

The gestural strokes of even the simplest of shapes can transform a canvas into something transcendent. In this series, I have abandoned my usual subject matter, heavily laden with socio-political content and symbols, and instead focus on the relationships among color, form, and beauty. Experimenting with line, texture, and shape, I am manipulating materials to bring about an effect that manifests tantric energy and evokes a spiritual connection and awareness.

I am influenced by Tantra paintings dating back to the fifth century AD. Created anonymously by Hindu priests as part of their spiritual practice, these works are minimalistic in both their aesthetic and mark making. Their alluring abstract imagery is intended to evoke levels of spiritual states and principles—the most elevated and sublime stratums of our inner nature. Traditionally, we’re taught that this process is slow and methodical. In my work, however, I operate in the opposite way. I tend to be free of intention and fast in my actions and reactions. By cultivating these principles, I am striving to forge a spiritual relationship among myself as an artist, my paintings, and my viewers.